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April 01, 2010


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So Media Matters defends the Democrats who spent 8 years comparing Bush to Hitler, but when Republicans compare Obama to Hitler, it becomes a "moral" issue?

Don't get me wrong, the Hitler thing is WAY overplayed. Americans today have no idea what it would actually be like to live under a Hitler.

But attacking the other party for playing the Hitler card while defending their own party for doing exactly the same thing? Someone needs to talk to Media Matters about their responsibility to objectively educate us.

Whitney Heckathorne

Hey Scott,

Thanks for the comment--obviously this poll has been a hot topic.

So first things first-I definitely agree that Hitler comparisons are often overplayed and, you're right, are often exaggerated. Really, enough said about that.

While I certainly can't speak on behalf of Media Matters, I do firmly agree with you--this not solely a right-leaning media problem.

I do however think that the end message ("moral message," perhaps?) of this video, is probably pretty universally agreed upon, regardless of party lines--that we need advocate, not so much for unbiased information, but for ACCURATE information. And we can shape our opinions from there.

I'd love to discuss further if you'd like, or I'm happy to send you any Harris Polls that may be of interest to you.

Best wishes,
Whitney Heckathorne

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