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March 25, 2010


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Betti Abbas

Thhanks, Humphrey. As always, appreciate your comments.

Betti Abbas

Thanks, Humphrey. Always appreciate your comments.

oops! to the previous typo.

Richard Ledbetter

Can you defend this statement in the report of findings: "The very large numbers of people who believe all these things of President Obama help to explain the size and strength of the Tea Party Movement."

George Washington

A Wall Street Journal blogger writes about your defense of your widely-criticized poll:
"So Taylor admits the criticism is true, then tries to weasel his way out of his own question by changing the subject to the critics' motives! It's hard to imagine a weaker defense of one's position."

Daleep Bhatia

All you have achieved it to portray yourself, wittingly or otherwise, as an apologist for Obama; of course couched in the supposed objectivity of pollster. Try do ask the same question about Obama's immediate predecessor and I am pretty sure the results would be similar perhaps except for Obama specific factoids.
It is sad for those of us who try hard to be objective to see source after source of supposed objectivity get a collective thrill go up their leg and continue on.

Humphrey Taylor

George Washington, and the Wall Street Journal blogger misquote me. I confirmed the methods we used (which did not need to be confirmed as they were fully disclosed at the time we released the data) but absolutely reject the criticism that our data were in any way biased or misleading. Contrary to some comments, we were interested only in finding out how many people believed these statements and would have published the results even if the answer had been “nobody”.

Humphrey Taylor

Daleep: It is not surprising that so many people believe these things. They have been said by Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Dick Morris and many others on Fox News and other TV and radio networks. And of course they have been stated many times in the blogosphere and social media.

Daleep Bhatia

Humphrey: Whenever I find time I listen to allthose guys and other big mouths from the other side. Reading the poll I was yearning to see what kinds of insane thing people beleived about Bush. My guess, as expressed here by someone else, the percentages would be similar.

My spin on this kind of stuff is that these is not only born out ignorance, influence by others (as you claim) abd sheer intellectual laziness.

My complaint is your lending the Harris' imprimatur to such drivel -- especially on one side.

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