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May 18, 2009


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I do not support this. How was this determined? The link at the beginning didn't work for me.

Whitney Heckathorne, Public Relations Research Team

Hey Chris,

I definitely, 100% echo your sentiments regarding Jay as the #1 TV personality--who's watching him, right? Shockingly (to me), I guess enough people are viewing his show in order for NBC to merit moving him to prime time in the fall (though it sounds like neither you nor I will be DVRing his upcoming program)...

Anyway, regarding methodology, we surveyed 2,388 U.S. adults 18+ online and weighted the data to be representative of the American adult universe at large.... Also just as an fyi, the exact question wording was "Who is your favorite TV personality?” and was asked as an open-ended question (so people were not given a list to choose from, rather, they chose off the top of their head). And Jay Leno received the highest endorsement. So, that's how we got the data.

Try this link instead--this should get you to The Harris Poll where we asked about this topic.


Thanks for reading and let us know if you have any questions--we love feedback...

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