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April 28, 2009


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Very interesting post. I wonder if people have re-gifted any gifts of mine?

The numbers seem to be about what I would expect. I would definitely agree that people are more likely to bend the truth when they are answering the survey or at minimum they think of themselves as acting in a more ethical/moral way than they really do.

Michelle Melamud - Manager of Omnibus Research

Hi Bill,

I'm sure that no one has re-gifted anything of yours!

You are probably right that certain people think they are more ethical and moral than they actually are; however, according to our "research on research" we find that respondents are truthful when answering survey questions.

Perhaps survey respondents do not consider stretching the truth on their resumes or pretending to be sick to skip work a moral/ethical dilemma?

Sara Finaqua

I am definitely part of the 25% that would feel fine re-gifting a present I had received.

Just make sure you keep track of who has given you what so you don't accidentally regift to the same person who gave you the darned thing in the first place!!

Now about pretending to be sick so I don't have to go to work -- I wouldn't know anything about that (cough cough)

Michelle Melamud - Manager of Omnibus Research

Hi Sara

I am glad that you are being honest! A re-gifter, but an honest one!

Do you re-gift because you do not like the item that you received, or are there other reasons (e.g., lack of time to buy your own gift, lack of money to buy your own gift, lack of desire to buy your own gift)?

It would be interesting to find out what motivates re-gifters to re-gift.

Sara Finaqua

Hi Michelle:

Thank you for your speedy response!!

Let me clarify that I don't always re-gift, only when the opportunity is there with the right person and the right "re-gift."

But I believe that it is more of a money-saving issue, especially in these hard times. Also, it can be very difficult to come up with gift ideas, so if you have something handy that your intended recipient would enjoy, why not save the time, money, hassle and just re-wrap the re-gift! (Maybe if we get really smart we'll start re-wrapping with re-wrapped paper!)


This is a fascinating subject. I am a senior citizen. In my years of entertaining and being invited to parties, although we were struggling to earn a living, I never ever considered re-gifting or using prepared food. I always cooked from scratch when entertaining and it usually took me three days to make a meal for 10 people - the first day planning and shopping, the second day cooking foods that will taste fine if kept over night, and the third day preparing the food that needed to be made & eaten fresh i.e. salad, fruit salad, etc. Also, if someone gave me a gift it never dawned on me to repackage it. I always found a place for it until I moved. Then, if I really did not like it I gave it away.

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