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February 23, 2009


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Aww, poor Bill. That must have been a fun dinner conversation.

No one said Mom?


Right now,Barack Obama is my hero. He is smart, fair-minded, willing to compromise with the Republicans, inspires most of the American public. But when I hear Rush Limbaough state that he hopes Pres. Obama fail I feel saddened and embarassed that even though he does not agree with the opinions of the presiding party that there are people on the right that are angry enough that hope for the downfall of the country.

Ann Friedman

Throughout the history of our civilization people have always looked to heroes for hope and encouragement during dire times. Jesus, Moses, Mohammed and other biblical figures have led the way in providing this leadership. Today leaders in churches, synogogues, temples and mosques continue to guide people and offer comfort and solice. Prominent political and business figuires such as Barack Obama, Colin Powell, Henry Kissenger and Warren Buffet give hope in times of financial and world crisis. People remain vulnerable in their need to seek comfort and advise from leaders in our society.

Hanifa Boulahtari

Obama we need you.

We want change in this horrible world and you are the only one who gives us hope in this crisis times.

Yes, we can!

i admire you

kisses from little Belquim

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