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February 04, 2010


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Trevor Godman

I've always tried to base decisions on research design on whether they are fit for purpose - usually that's a case of whether the design will give a commercial client sufficiently good information to base a business decision.

Which leads to a further question (though not is Socratic form!): to what extent does private polling make use of online samples. either for political parties, lobby groups or businesses and financial institutions who may wish to be planning around future governments and policy decisions?

Humphrey Taylor

By definition, most polling for candidates and parties is proprietary and so we do not know a lot of what is being done. And of course Harris, as a matter of policy, does not do this work. However gossip and anecdotal evidence suggests that there has been a substantial increase in the use of online methods – both qualitative and quantitative -- in this field. But it’s likely that most proprietary polls are still done on the phone.


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